Recent events

Paris, October 9, 2023

I will participate to the Réalités Nouvelles 2023 salon , October 19-22. I will be exhibiting at the  réfectoire des Cordeliers, 15 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine Paris 5e. In parallel one  smaller size work will be exhibited at Espace Commines, 17 rue Commines Paris 3e. I will also participate to the Forme Contreforme exhibition curated by Eric Vassal at the Akié Arichi gallery in the context of a partnership with the Réalités Nouvelles salon. This exhibition will take place from October 11 to November 12 at 26 rue Keller Paris 11e.


Paris, November 7, 2022

I will participate to the collective exhibition at the Akié Arichi gallery, a tribute to Haruhiko Sunagawa, from November 17, 2022 to January 15, 2023. I will exhibit recent works on paper.

Paris, May 22, 2022

I will participate to the Réalités nouvelles hors les murs exhibition,  Noir et Blanc gallery, Place du Marché, Bastia, from May 26 to June 21, 2022.



Paris, November 20, 2021

I will be exhibhiting at the Cour 16 gallery. Opening is November 24 ! The address is 16 rue de la Grange Batelière 700 Paris.

Paris, October 14, 2021

The poster for the Réalités Nouvelles 2021 salon that I contribute to ! And a sneak peek at my work.

« Fenêtres sur cour », acrylique sur toile 100×100 cm, 2021

Paris, January 3, 2021

A few examples of my recent work are presented below. I focus more on the juxtaposition of shapes generated by squares, and on the choice of colors that will highlight the juxtaposition. I thus obtain a kinetic rotation effect.

Three paintings, acryclic on canvas, 30×30 cm, 2020

Paris, June 15, 2020

I will be exhibiting my work at the Akié Arichi gallery from June 25 to July 28, along with five other artists working on various media. This exhibition will be centered on portraits of poets and artists. The gallery’s address is 26 rue Keller 750155 Paris. The opening will take place on June 25, starting from 5.30 pm.

Paris, february 9,  2020

Some recent paintings exploring the frontier between bidimensionnality and tridimensionnality.

Cosmic show, acrylic on canvas, 60×60 cm, 2020.


A nebula of squares, acrylic on canvas, 40×40 cm, 2020.

Périphérique night I, II et III, acrylic on canvas, 24×19 cm, 2020.

Paris, october 15,  2019

The Réalités nouvelles salon will open at the Parc Floral du bois de Vincennes Saturday October 19! Vernissage from 6 pm.

Paris, september 15, 2019

The group show  Réalités Nouvelles hors les murs will take place from the 23rd of september to october 7, at the academy of Fine Arts, Chenyang, China.

Paris, le 28 juillet 2019

Paris, July 28, 2019

The « Réalités nouvelles hors les murs » group show has started at Budva in Montenegro on July 20, 2019 ! It is taking place at the Moderna gaerija « Jovo Ivanovic » till august 20, 2019.

Mimosa Quantique, acrylic on canvas, 100×100 cm, 2019.

Paris, July 26, 2019

The group show « Intention/non-intention » has started at the 1095 gallery in Chenyang ! It will run from July 13 to Oxtober 7, 2019.

Anne Commet, Gilles Drouin, and Sandrine Coignard in the foreground

Paris, July 14, 2019,

The « jeunes artistes émergents » exhibition is ongoing at the  Akié Arichi Gallery, 26 rue Keller in Paris ! The vidéo : Vidéo

Some pictures

Paris, June 5 2019,

The opening of the « jeunes artistes émergents » exhibition at the Akié Arichi gallery, 26  rue Keller in the 11th arrondissement. Vernissage starts at 6 pm !

Paris, march 31, 2019,

Some new works with an accent on 3D effects.

Paris, Novembre 27, 2018

I am showing a few paintings at the Mazan-Delmas notarial office :

Paris, October 18, 2018,

I participate to the 72nd edition of the « Réalités Nouvelles » salon. It will take place at the Parc Floral de Paris at the bois de Vincennes, from October 21 to October 28.

The opening will take place Saturday the 20th of October at 6 pm. All wellcome !

Paris, October 2, 2018,

The « répétitions »  group exhibition will open saturday October 6, at the 6B, 6-10 quai de Seine, at Saint-Denis (93200)

Paris, August 19, 2018,

I will participate to the « Concrete Discursive complexity », organized by Mark Starel at the XS gallery, at the Institute of Fine Arts, à at Kielce in Poland. Opening is September 11, 2018.

Paris, August 4, 2018,

A first glimpse of the work I will present at the « repetitions » exhibition in October at the 6B building in Saint-Denis. It will be a diptych and will be completed this summer.


Paris, May 27, 2018

I will participate to a group exhibition at the Abstract Project gallery, 5 rue des immeubles industriels, 12th arrondissement of Paris. The opening is May 30, starting from 6 PM. The exhibition will be open from May 31 to June 9.

Paris,  April 29, 2018

My paintings will be exhibited on the set of the TV show « Thé ou Café » on the France 2 channel. They will be visible during the episodes aired on May 5 and 13, 2018.

Youtube :

Paris,  April 29, 2018

A few photoshots from the « Carrément 5 » exhibition. Last day is April 30 !

Paris, March 19, 2018

I will participate to the Carrément 5 exhibation at Espace Christiane Peugeot from April 20 to April 30. Grand opening April 19 at 6 pm !

December 11, 2017

A slideshow of my personal exhibition that recently closed at the Abstract project gallery.


I am taking over the ABSTRACT PROJECT gallery from november 22 to December 2 for my personal exhibition !

The  ABSTRACT PROJECT is at  5 rue des immeubles industriels, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The vernissage will take place on wednesday, November 22 starting from 6 pm.

You are all welcome !!!

Paris, October 23, 2017

Below a few images of the Réalités Nouvelles 2017 salon, where I was an exhibitor.





Paris, September 18, 2017

I will be exhibted at the Réalités Nouvelles salon, at the parc floral of the Bois de Vincennes, from October 15 to October 22. The « vernissage » will take place on October 14 starting from 6 pm.

Paris, July 8, 2017

Trois recent works in the 40×40 cm format. Acrylic on canvas.


Paris, May 7, 2017

The paintings below may seem different. They have in fact a very similar underlying structure. The squares and the rectangles are identical. The painting on the right has rectangles superimposed on the original structure.


Paris, January 16,  2017

This new series starts with lines. I place three equidistant horizontal lines that cut through the canvas. Rectangles and squares alternate like notes on a music sheet, thus creating the frame of the painting. Rectangles give it a visual rythm. The squares are crossed by two diagonals, then the rectangular shapes are duplicated, criss-crossing each other and giving a sense of visual rythm. The flat tints amplify this. Finally, white lines complete the composition.

image1(11)    image15

Untitled, 50×50 cm December 2016                    Untitled, 50×50 cm December 2016