Untitled, 30×30, 2014                                                             Gilles Drouin

I was born in Rennes on June 30, 1973.  I went to the Beaux-Arts school very early, as well as to private art schools. I focused on oil painting and mixed techniques.

Once my initial training was completed, I instinctively went towards abstract painting. My work was then reflecting numerous influence, without any of them standing out.

My first contribution to a collective exhibition was at the Thorigné-Fouillard salon, in 1993. I contributed again in 1994 and 1995.

After I moved to Paris in 1997, I transitioned to acxrylic painting, which I still use today. I had two personal exhibitions in 2010. I pursued my quest of a way that would fit me best, till I arrived to the geometric abstraction style that I now call mine. It is focused on compositions dominated by a drive towards an equilibrium, using juxtaposition of (often pure) colors and abstract forms. The set of variations on shapes and colors that this approach allows is at the heart of my pictural research.