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Paris, November 20, 2016

Please find below some pictures of the Réalités Nouvelles salon, where I was invited to show my work :

img_1395image2 image1-3   img_1400-2      image2-2   image1-1

Paris, June 26, 2016

I will be present at the « salon international d’art abstrait contemporain de Paris, Réalités Nouvelles », from 16 to 23 October 2016. It will be the Salon’s 70th edition.


Paris, June 19, 2016

Some additional paintings, continuing the black & white effort.

IMG_7544    image1(3)

Diptych, untitled, 100×100 cm, June 2016               Untitled, 46×55 cm, May 2016

Paris, March 6,  2016

Black and white continues to dominate. Below a series of six medium-sized paintings.

IMG_6575  IMG_6562  IMG_6567 

Untitled paintings, 33 x 41 cm, March 2016

IMG_6580  IMG_6565  IMG_6570

Untitled paintings, 38 x 46, March 2016

Paris, February 20,  2016

This is a large format  of my work on black and white. It countinues the previous series.


Untitled, 100 x 100 cm, February 2016


Untitled, 46 x 55 cm, February 2016



This is a series of paintings focusing on black and white gradation. Some of them are diptychs. The conjunction of two rectangular canvasses is the starting point of the compositions. The paintings are split evenly in the vertical direction, and crossed by diagonal lines. On these layouts fluid quadrangles give the  compositions their rythm.

IMG_6450              IMG_6453

Untitled, diptych, 2 x 60 x 30 cm                                            Untitled, 46 x38 cm


Untitled, diptych, 2 x 30 x 30 cm


The 100 x 100 format allows me to take my research a step ahead. The space is further subdivided and becomes assymetrical. Rectangular blank spaces disrupt the spatial organisation.  These colored rectangles are placed randomly, producing a rythmical effect not unlike notes on a music sheet. They are also emply spaces that shake up the basic structure of the painting. White lines recall part of the original framework.

IMG_6442         IMG_6438

Untitled, 100 x 100 cm, November 2015                          Untitled, 100 x 100 cm, October 2015


The white lines are used here to stress the unfinished character of the main structure of the painting. It also completes it. The aforementioned structure consists in horizontal squares with diagonal squares superimposed on them. In addition the global symmetry is challenged by colored rectangles that « shift » the original squares. The combination of all these effects gives each painting its dynamics and its movement.


Untitled, 50×50 cm, August 2015

IMG_6416    IMG_6102

Untitled, 46×38 cm, July 2015                                      Untitled, 55×46 cm, July 2015

As in a kaleidoscope, shapes and colors cross pathes again and again, acting like mirrors reflecting endlessly the external light.
This feeling of exiting the limited frame of the painting is accentuated by two diagonals accross the painting.

This effect of rearrangement of shapes in space is what ultimately gives the painting its definite character.

IMG_6104   IMG_6099   IMG_6093

Untitled, 40×40 cm                        Untitled, 50×50 cm                         Untitled, 30×30 cm

Above : three paintings from July 2015.


With these new paintings, I explore rectangular formats while continuing my work on the square shape and its variations. The white square sitting on its corner structurates the space, but is it always needed ? I partially remove it on one of the paintings, thus creating an apparent assimetry.

IMG_5877    a     IMG_5880

Untitled paintings, 40 x40 cm, June 2015

IMG_5870  IMG_5872

Untitled, 40 x 50 cm, May 2015                                     Untitled, 40 x 30 cm, May 2015


IMG_5859  IMG_5857  IMG_5856

Untitled paintings, 40 x 40 cm, April-May 2015

The organisation of the composition is here simplified. I removed the 14/12,5 rectangles that were randomly placed on the painting. These rectangles originated from the center of the painting, magnifying the explosive effect. In this series, only the square-based frame remains. The square are made visible through triangles. The latter are defined by  tint areas, irregularly placed. Finally the white shadow of a square reinforces the frame.



Untitled, 80 x 80 cm, april 2015                                       Untitled, 80 x 80 cm, march 2015

Two diagonals, originating from each angle, organise the space. These diagonals are again intersected with shapes. squares start from the center of the painting towards the outside, creating a centrifugation effect. This is underlined by the fractioning of the spec and the work with the colors. Finally another square structures the surface, reminding the viewer of the painting format.


IMG_4073  IMG_4084  IMG_4081
Untitled, 30×30 cm                       Untitled, 40×40 cm                        Untitled, 40×40 cm
Shapes and Colors

I create shapes and I apply colors. Color gives life to the organisation of the contours of the body of the work. This is how the composition comes to life. In this series, the rectangle progressively gives way to the arc of a circle.



The french version of the website displays a recent text from the art critic Fernand Fournier about my work. Click on the french flag on the top right of this page to access it.


IMG_3844                    IMG_3840
The first painting in this series is pierced by a white line. This transversal line  carries the skeleton of a shape. It echoes the rectangles used in the background of the composition.
In the next two paintings, the background fades away to reveal the skeleton of the composition.





Tableaux septembre 2014 012

In this suite, the design is in two steps :
Firstly, the space is split by a set of lines. This fragmentation generates a shape or a directional movement.
Secondly, geometric shapes are inserted in this frame and split by the crisscross of  lines.
The spectator is then confronted to a superimposition of elements that give him a glimpse of different arrangements depending on the chosen viewing angle.

Tableaux septembre 2014 006           Tableaux septembre 2014 017

Tableaux septembre 2014 009           Tableaux septembre 2014 005



Following a phase  of lyrical abstraction that had kept however focused on shapes, my work is now shifting to what is called « geometric abstraction ».

As I am influenced by the constructivist and suprematist movements, I tend to use calibrated rectangular shapes. Starting from such rectangles and their superimpositions, I generate new shapes. From the intrication of such shapes, combinations, universes are born, made of triangular spaces interacting with each other through colors, lines, empty spaces.

The color palette I use is based on pure and complementary acrylic tinges, avoiding the utlisation of so-called primary colors, although this process suffers some exceptions in my work.

A straight white line sometimes crosses all over the painting space, adding a rythm to the composition of shapes and colors.

Untitled, 30×30 cm, 2014


  IMG_1869  IMG_1865   IMG_1859  IMG_1855

In the preceding years my work was focused on what is called lyrical abstraction. The arc plays a key role in the painting’s composition. With this new geometric set of paintings, the round shape reappears as well as the color white. This time it is not used as a base for the color mix but as a tint area.

IMG_1837    IMG_1836   IMG_1831  IMG_2243


I am always in search of elaborate and equilibrated compositions.  Here the work is born only from these marqueted elements.

    The space is organized through the assembling of these pieces of wood, like a jigsaw puzzle.
           Even if the repetition of shapes hints at mathematical rigor, it  is not the case. When focusing more on the work, it appears clearly that each geometric element is unique, possibly completely different from the others.
What appeared initially as a uniformisation then disappears. Once we have established those differences, we cannot deny the existence of a real organisation of the composition. It is the consequence of the juxtaposition of elements, showing a composition of solids and voids.
Monochromy does not mean the negation of color. On the contrary white permits the unicity of the composition, while revealing the depth of the marquetery, un subtle game of light and shadow. White then becomes a palette of whites and greys.


 IMG_2264 IMG_2259
 IMG_2268 IMG_2267 IMG_2272 IMG_2274